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Say goodbye to ineffective routine baseboard spraying. A lot of companies claim they are using safer pesticides, but do you really know what they are using? There should be no reason for routine spraying of pesticides indoors where your kids and pets play. At Wise House we don't use "the spray and pray" approach to control insects. We focus on detailed inspections, habitat modification, and sealing up entry points that pests use to gain access inside. We find it profound to have a lesser dependance on pesticides. With our approach, products are never exposed to your family and pets. As a last resort we use a combination of all natural, organic, and reduced-risk products in cracks and crevices, wall voids, attic/crawl spaces, and the exterior of your home. Our method to pest control poses a lower risk to your family, pets, and to the environment. 

Call now for a free inspection (561) 727-8239.

Safer Pest Control

Rodent Control

Rodents depend on humans for food, water, and shelter. Protecting your home from being over run with rats is our specialty. We provide prevention, control, and cleaning/sanitation of existing unsanitary conditions left by rodent infestations.

Call now for a free rodent inspection (561)-727-8239.

Termite Services

Billions of dollars in damage are caused by termites world wide each year, but don't worry we've got you covered! We provide "No-Tent" applications, perimeter treatments, and preventative options to keep your home termite free.

Call today for a free termite inspection (561)-727-8239.

I couldn't be more pleased for all Dennis has done for us. I would recommend Wise House Environmental Services to anyone.

Bob Pelton at Superior Propane 315-525-1540


Wise House Environmental Services is the complete package. They are professional, knowledgable, and have excellent customer service. All of my home owners and investors are completely satisfied. Thank you Dennis

Luis Candelario, LLC 561-603-5921

I like how they wore booties before coming inside!

Mark Hoffman Realtor at The Keyes Company 561-345-1211

I like how they wore booties before coming inside.

Mark Hoffman Realtor at The Keyes Company 561-345-1211




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